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Our company's main activity is protection and guarding of properties, goods and values.

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People guarding services

The guarding activity refers to the protection of goods, values and persons and is carried out with trained and certified security agents, based on a security plan approved by the County Police Inspectorate. In essence, the activity involves guarding (with agents) a certain area, following the needs of the client.

Having a very wide addressability and being adapted to the specific needs of each beneficiary, the human guarding activity is a complex of security measures aimed to:

- prevent properties theft actions, assuring the integrity of persons and properties, assuring the peace and order within the designated properties or areas.

Secured targets can fall into multiple categories depending on size, complexity, and activity field, such as:

 Residences / residential complexes, cultural objectives, educational institutions, public institutions, office buildings, shops, industrial objectives, construction sites, warehouses, casinos, sports betting halls, private homes, etc.

Video monitoring and remote surveillance

The service is intended for both individuals and legal entities, and can be implemented in any type of location and at any distance: homes, office space, shops, warehouses, etc.

Monitoring and intervention services can be offered both to those who have already installed an alarm system, by connecting it to our dispatcher, and to those who do not have such a system. To install the system, customers can choose the optimal option by accessing: www.emamut.ro.

The remote video surveillance activity allows the possibility of REAL-TIME monitoring of video images as well as their recording and storage in our own dispatch office, 24/24, which can be used later as evidence or to identify the targeted persons in our clients' objectives.

Through the "Monitoring and Rapid Target Intervention" service we view easy and in a discreet manner the persons who arm and disarm the alarm system, the hours at which the arming and disarming took place, the burglar alarm, the lack of voltage in the network and the possibility of system sabotage and of fire alarm triggering.

Security and intervention during events

The event security service is a complex of security measures applied both before and during cultural, religious events, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, etc. The professional approach to event security provides a relaxed atmosphere and the smooth running of an event.

Thanks to 20 years of experience and excellent results in the field of event security, INTERSEC GENERAL PROTECT ensured the security of some of the most important events in Oradea

Guarding sporting events

This service is intended for the organization of sporting events (matches, tournaments, galas, competitions, etc.).

Guarding services are provided by our own staff, qualified in this regard to ensure the order and smooth running of the events. Intervention crews are also assigned to support the removal of the person or group of persons involved in an incident at the designated space.


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